As the full moon gets inexorably closer, a dark sense of foreboding is descending over the State Capitol — and in particular, the Senate Republican Caucus.

Why are they so concerned. Check out this screenshot from the Senate Republican Caucus:

Senate Republican Caucus, as the full moon approaches

This may look normal at first…but check out that photo of Senate Minority Leader Joseph Zarelli. What’s happened to his eyebrows? Does it have anything to do with the approaching full moon? It’s hard to tell at thumbnail size, but it’s certainly suspicious. (This page is sure to be scrubbed soon after the article is published, so the page will probably look different when you read this — which is why it’s archived here for posterity.)

Joe Zarelli

Werewolf Zarelli? We'll know more when the full moon rises on the 19th

A clickthrough on Zarelli’s photo shows the facts of the matter a little more clearly  — see photo at right.

It surely appears his eyebrows have grown larger, and closer together. His eyes might be slightly yellower as well. Both of these symptoms point clearly toward lycanthropy — i.e., that he is becoming a werewolf.

Fortunately for his political career, the savage brutality associated with werewolves is also associated with Republican State Senators (along with more than a few Democrats). So while he may have to answer some tough questions from his colleagues, this may not pose much of a threat to his political career. After all, his career is already built on savage brutality, just covered up by relatively gentle rhetoric. A werewolf in sheep’s clothing, if you will.

Stay tuned as the moon approaches and his transformation continues.