Ed Murray, in the old days

Factbox: As a vampire, Governor Gregoire cannot see herself in the mirror. As an Undead Narcissist, Senator Murray sees his own reflection everywhere he looks.

Several readers have asked why Undead Olympia did not cover the Supplemental Budget proposed & approved by the State Senate, especially when we have extensively covered the Governor’s bloodlusty proposals and of course the package put forward by Ross Hunter in the House.

The reason is simple: Senator Ed Murray.

Senator Murray (Narcissist – 43rd) is the key budget-writer in the Senate. More importantly, he’s a man driven by two obsessions.

  • First, he’s obsessed with Frank Chopp.
  • Second, he’s obsessed with himself.
  • (Yes, that’s the correct order. Sad, really.)

The clear history of Murray’s legislative career is that these two obsessions drive his behavior more than any particular preferences of policy or even politics. Therefore, we here at Undead Olympia made the historically informed choice to blatantly ignore whatever it was the Senate produced at this stage of the process — because it was guaranteed to be primarily the result of Murray’s own inner demons. (We know demons, and let me tell you — those are some nasty little beasts up in that guy’s head.)

Read on for the full scoop…

Ed Murray’s Backstory

Many know the myth of Narcissus, the man so proud of himself & his beauty that he falls in love with his own reflection. He simply can’t pull himself away from his true love — himself — so after coming upon his own reflection in a pool, he cannot eat, wastes away, and dies.

What few know is what happened on the other side of the grave for Narcissus: he rose again as an undead State Legislator, still desperately in love with himself. You may think that sounds like pretty much every state legislator out there. Especially in the State Senate, there is certainly an abundance of self-regard. (They seem to think it’s a more rarified body even though the district sizes are identical to those in the House.)

Despite the stiff competition (it could have been you Senator Benton, if you only did more grooming…), here are the three key pieces of evidence the show how we know that Undead Narcissus is one and the same as Ed Murray:

  • Like an Undead Narcissus, Ed Murray is highly regarded by himself for his work, but seems to follow no particular political direction except that of building his own power and furthering his own self-regard.
  • Like an Undead Narcissus, Ed Murray holds one of the very safest seats in the State Legislature, but he thinks that election essentially without opposition is a mandate which re-affirms his own sense of greatness, rather than an indictment of our bankrupt political system.
  • Like an Undead Narcissus, Ed Murray loves to groom himself… for higher office. He often toys with a run, but wants to be drafted into the position via acclimation rather than actually contesting a seat. He just wants us to love him as much as he loves himself.

We rest our case, and will now return to committing the worst  possible crime against a beast of this sort: utterly ignoring him. It’s just like what he does to his constituents!


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