Mr. J

Mr. J stood for "Jumbled Junk." As does the entire idea of the "J Team"

Jay “Jumbled Junk” Inslee today announced a doodles-for-dollars fundraising scheme: if you make a monthly pledge to his campaign, you will in exchange get an email of a drawing by the candidate.

He calls this “the J team“.


Even stenciled-up the font of the “J” in the J team graphic to suggest the A Team. Does that means his team in 10th best? Or was it meant to evoke those legends of alphabetical instruction, the Letter People, where Mister J stood for “Jumbled Junk.”


And one “lucky” winner each month will receive as a prize a signed original drawing, which could range from “funny doodles to more serious sketches”.


When politics lurches so far towards self-satire, what are we at Undead Olympia supposed to do to differentiate ourselves?

All we know is that the whole thing sounds sketchy to us. Like a caricature of personalized campaigning. Hardly a portrait of a candidate with an inspiring agenda.

Looks like it’s going to be a long maddening slog until November. And for the record, our favorite form of art is still engraving. We just like the sound of the word.