Drink up, Senator Tom. Your consistently inhumane agenda is the toast of the town

Drink up, Senator Tom. Your consistently inhumane agenda is the toast of the town

We have of course been tracking Rodney Tom for years now, but much like his style of dress, his demeanor, his income, and his politics, his hygiene habits are so anal-retentively Medina male that it’s been difficult to sniff out exactly what kind of beast he be. Some days he displays the vicious brutality of a werewolf, Other days he shows the conniving self-promotional ability of a vampire (and realtor) getting himself invited into whatever Legislative chambers he chooses, whether it’s House Democratic Caucus, House Republican Caucus, Senate Democratic Caucus, Senate Republican Caucus, or his own Caucus of One.

He’s a shapeshifter it would seem.

But even that is not quite right.

As Generalissimo Tom courageously pointed out the other day, “the Legislature has expanded the definition of ‘vulnerable’ a bit wide.”

Human vulnerability is of course a special area of expertise for all Medina realtors.

There’s another group that’s been casting the definition of vulnerable a bit wide: the Democratic Party establishment. That’s probably why they poured tends of thousands of dollars into Tom’s last race for reelection despite the fact that the 48th district has become increasingly safe for Democrats as well as “Democrats”.

And we’ve been casting our search a bit wide too.

Because despite all the changes of affiliation, Senator Tom has in fact been consistent for years. He has always believed in the same things: surprisingly humane on issues like reproductive choice & marriage equality, but viciously contemptuous of spending money on anything but corporate tax loopholes. (You don’t get to live in Medina because you’re comfortable spending resources to show respect for other human beings after all.)

So his position has been the perfectly appropriate one for his economic position: lifestyle liberalism plus budget brutality. It’s probably the future of one of the two parties. (Maybe both if we can get a grand Social-Security-cutting-compromise through Congress.)

Tom is just ahead of his time, because he wants to turn back only half of the clock. Consistently, he doesn’t care who’s helping him wash down human meat with the milk of human unkindness.

Consistently, like a foolish hobgoblin of small minds.

And this has remained true throughout all the changes of party from Rodney Tom (R) to Rodney Tom (D) to Rodney Tom (T).

The T stands for Tom. His true affiliation.

The man is foolishly consistent. Foolishly, consistently in love with himself.

Too bad nobody else has any affection for him.