A key piece of the Governor's agenda?

A key piece of the Governor’s agenda?

Today, our vampire Governor returns to the land from which she came, replaced by a leader whose shape remains indistinct despite his offering many months of biographical drivel that amounted to a LinkedIn profile — a list of all the jobs he did (especially masculine ones involving lifting things and/or breaking them and/or throwing them), the places he lived, and continued desperate attempts to pressure people into becoming his contact.

But one thing was clear: although nobody believed him — not his supporters and not his opponents — Governor Fill-in-the-blank insisted repeatedly that his budget plan is essentially the same as Hobgoblin Tom’s: lots of money for education, but no new taxes.

Which sets up a session where for the next few months at least, Inslee’s allies are going to ignore his promises, while his opponents repeatedly invoke them.

Clearly, it’s going to be a cluster.

Inauguration day events are going to reveal a lot. Here’s a few things to look out for:

  • Will Inslee fulfill the implicit promise of his every campaign ad and lit piece and arrive at the Capitol on a bulldozer?
  • Is the rumor about the Governor’s ball true? Will he order a late change to the menu of his private inaugural reception, ordering that the “galatines of sage hen” and “Lamb Legs mini steamship style” be served with his famous secret sauce?
  • Will he begin his speech in dramatic fashion, raising a cast-iron frying pan, flicking rendered fat onto the hungry crowd, and declaring “Move over bacon,” pausing dramatically, then adding “There’s something leaner,” revealing that his fix-it-all plan for “lean management” is actually about “Sizzlean management” — lowering state health insurance costs through low-fat eating?

Stay tuned.