A Spectre is Haunting Olympia…

The 2011 Washington State Legislative session begins January 10th. With a multi-billion dollar budget deficit and an utter lack of leadership by elected officials, it seems all sides of the political spectrum have agreed that brutal cuts will be made to education, health care, and other critical state services — and in particular, brutal cuts will be made to those services which benefit the poorest in our communities.

The cuts currently under discussion for the upcoming biennium are sure to cause pain and suffering to thousands in our state. Some poor souls — left without health care coverage, mental health care, housing support, and Disability Lifeline benefits — may even be driven closer to death.

With our State Legislators ready to drive people closer to the grave, it’s critical that we hear from the other side — the other side of the grave. Thus, this website: the voice of the undead who will be haunting Olympia this year. What are their interests? Are vampires likely to come out winners in the budget battle? What about zombies? Werewolves? Mummies? We’ll look at questions like these as the Legislative Session gets underway and the budget is debated.

By the time the session ends (or lives on!) in April, we’ll have a clear understanding of what’s at stake for the undead stakeholders in the budget process. (Apologies to the vampire reader who object to the use of the word “stakeholder” in such contexts, for obvious reasons.)

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Here are some of our key posts of the 2011 Legislative Session:

Note: Press info, anonymous leaks, or any other questions can by send to Undead Olympia at info@undeadolympia.com . However, if you are visiting this page hoping it will reveal some deep insight into the links between our corporeal and spectral identities, don’t bother — our anonymity is somewhat less lazy than your research.